Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Final Statement and Not Final Solution

Final Statement and Not Final Solution

These maps
UN Partition Plan (1947), The genuine offer of Ehud Barak at Camp David in the year 2000 and Israel Today (within boundaries and cease-fire lines) are demonstrating expansion continuum of Israel and gradual disappearance of Palestine. They are consistent with Israeli MANIFEST DESTINY.

Hamas was created by Israel and now it is backfiring! Therefore it is not a Muslim problem. Most importantly Hamas is a lawfully elected sovereign government and NOT a terrorist organisation.

How Israel tricked Hamas before launching Gaza strikes, How do the Zionists tricked the world? and Not Rockets – Zionism Is the Reason! are a few more evidence to prove the fact that:
1. Israel can afford to attack and massacre stick and stone throwing Palestinians in the longest running concentration camp known to mankind with a stamp of infinity and
2. “therroristh khamas” (sic) rockets are propaganda tools only to justify Israeli war crime and genocide as well as for the upcoming election campaign. I say so because, over the last eight years “therroristh khamas rocket” killed 16 Israelis and Israeli bombs and bullets killed 80 000 Palestinians only beside other losses and casualties!
Israel Palestine conflict is not a religious conflict. It is a conflict of land. However, Israelis are using religion like:
1. “God gave us this land”.
2. “This holy land is for the Jews only and not for gentiles”. Therefore they have the right to expel non Jews i.e. Muslims, Christians, etc. etc as they have been doing so for the last sixty years with the assistance of USA, UK, Australia, … .
3. “We are the chosen people of God”.
4. “We are the master race …. .”
By the same time they have been engineering outrageous, crude, false and fabricated attacks on Arabs, Islam and Muslims. However, if any Muslim hits back they cry for “anti-Semitism” while in reality, Muslims and Arabs are more Semite than blue eyed and blonde haired Zionist invaders. Penultimately, Muslims used protect the Jews and now they are paying back to Muslims very nicely with the Jewish tradition.

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